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    Default Mondo Lost power at top speed!

    So I was out at wakefest in TN this weekend. I was trying to out run a Nasty storm cloud coming in . I had the boat full throttle and all of a sudden lost power. Check engine light flashed and it threw a error engine code 703 I think. Turned the boat off check everything from oil to water hoses. Everything looked good . Turned the boat back on and it seemed like a rough idle.. threw the code again.. oil pressure and engine temp was fine and never seemed out of the ordinary. Turned it back off and sat for about 5 mins then turned it back on and the code was cleared.. NO active codes on the screen and no codes in the stored area either ... ran for about another 20 mins back to dock with no issues at all. Was in some trashy water and wonder if I sucked something up or if Moomba has a protect mode for running over a certain rpm for so long? and I was wondering if my dealer can find the code even though there is no stored codes on the digital pro.Work wont allow me to get it to the dealer for awhile. Thanks for replys!
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    a little off topic ( sorry ) but how was wakefest..when i lived down there i use to go to it..tnt still put it on?
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