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    back trailer in fully, pull out till fenders are at water level, wife drives on-as long as the nose goes between the guides were good, go to nutral, let boat settle, she then will give a little power forwards , hook bow strap and winch up with a little power assist and pull out, usually about a minute or so,

    as long as the nose gets between the guides it no big deal, as after first contact ou can idle forward and steer and get it centered
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    Quote Originally Posted by REDFIVE48 View Post
    This describes my system with my wife, except she drives the truck. I hate the other boaters that can't engage anyone one of the other 8 people with them to either drive the boat or the truck and instead take up space at the ramp. Even worse if they pull all the way forward or launch all the way forward on the ramp and sit there blocking the whole damn thing like they own it because they are stupid. I sometimes lose the plot and will start yelling at them to move their damn boats back on the ramp, if the person left standing with the boat is too stupid to comprehend, I end up moving it for them so I can do my business. The boat ramp on a crowded weekend is not good for my blood pressure with all the idiots who don't have any common sense or courtesy.
    We would get along great at the boat landing! I've been known to back boats in for people who are struggling..

    Funny story- the Vice President of my dept was loading up his boat after a day on the lake and I just happen to be waiting to load right behind him...well after 20-25 minutes he finally manages to get his trailer backed in...he was having major issues backing up the trailer! People were pointing and laughing at him and I was pretending not to watch, but he totally knew I was witnessing the whole thing! Anyways, he is a cool guy so I kept it our secret...

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    You would think a sensible person would go to a school parking lot at night or somewhere similar and practice backing up with the trailer. Maybe not though.
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