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    Default Re: Digital speed is way off

    Quote Originally Posted by mikenehrkorn View Post
    Was there a specific app you used?
    No, just used the first one that popped up on Google Play when I searched for GPS speedometer. It was DigiHUD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwredmon101 View Post
    Well found out what my problem was on why I could not get ropeless. My digital speed on the boat is 2mph OFF!!!!In order to go 10.4 I have to set the cruise to 8.4 .. as soon as we found out the problem we instantly had 3 people riding ropeless including my 6'3 300 pound friend on a CWB Ride... Made a huge difference.. anyone reading this that is having trouble. GPS your speed! Digital is NOT a surefire way of knowing and made all the difference!!!!
    When I'm going at any speed with no ballast everything is perfect.
    When I surf Regular everything is perfect.

    When we surf Goofy is when our speed is off, but its not even consistently off its just off. Monday Claudia surfed and I had to speed the boat up and slow it down 3 different times by 1 mph to keep her wave clean and make sure we didnt out run her.

    Been a frustrating problem me and the dealer are working through, along with the phantom wake plate down issue.
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