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    BTW-- the 1975 Houston Astros called and they want their trunks back.[/QUOTE]

    That made me laugh...

    But seriously, Trayson, awesome job! A low budget, creative solution for a $1500 add on that's not even available for your boat. I know it's still new to you, but continue to keep us updated on your likes/dislikes, adjustments, tuning, etc... Well done sir.
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    I love it and I wouldn't go back. I can change from regular to goofy in 10 seconds. The boat is so much easier to drive. When we are at rest, we can have rollers hit us and never worry about taking any water in. Before when we were slammed with all the weight in the back corner, we would have people come up to us and ask if we needed help because they thought we were sinking.

    Here is a good video of the results.
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    The wave looks great. Looks like you can ride it pretty good from what I saw in the video
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    Default Trayson's DIY "Supra Surf System" (SSS) modeled after the NSS

    That's great I will have to get going on mine for the 04

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    Default Trayson's DIY "Supra Surf System" (SSS) modeled after the NSS

    A little old school Warren G... I like your style!

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