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    Default How come I can't up load photos???

    Super frustrating I got a couple of really cool photos and a video of us wake surf like 10 feet away from the ice still on our lake but I can't up load the pictures, just gives me a red exclamation mark!!!
    2005 Mobius LSV

    Gravity IV (750s rear, 400 mid and 650 bow)
    wakeplate, perfect pass,

    Not sure what stereo I have, but I have 3 amps 2 subs 6 x 6.5 mids and tweets and 4 tower speakers ( 2 x 8 inch and 2 x 6.5 and tweets)

    Fuel Injected
    1433 acme prop

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    If you try to direct upload it can only be so big.

    Easiest way is to use Photobucket, or another site like that, then use there IMG link.

    For videos, use You Tube or Vimeo and use the direct web link.
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