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    Default Continuing: Stress Crack - Tower Connection

    Continuing after this was erased once....

    I was questioning the thickness of the rubber pad the dealer installed between my wakeboard tower and the fiberglass on my boat. I think this is adding to my "sway" on the rack. Here are some pics:

    Thanks for the advise on checking the tightness of the mounts. 1 of 4 was extremely loose.

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    05 has a thicker pad. Bolts need to be tight but not too tight. They are stress cracks in the gel coat, not in the fiberglass, rapid temp change can contribute to them (inside to outside kind of change).

    IMHO gel coat is a bit of a black art e.g. sometimes the mix is not what it should be. They can be fixed, I'm not sure of the cost. I have heard of it being done at home, not sure how.

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