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    Default 03 mobius lsv ballast question....

    Ok...cleaned out boat good a while back and I'm putting everything back in. Notices front ballast sac needs replacing....when I was sold the boat I was told it had 750lb up front and dual 450 in rear.....
    After shopping for front ballast I know this to be BS......the upgrade sac is 580 and there is just no possible way with locker dimensions a bigger sac will fit. I don't even see how the 580 can totally fill.
    So how are people running 750 inside this locker???? Also the the 450's are less than 300. Think he took those out and put original ones back in. Just want to have a good wakeboard wake when i hit lake first time.

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    Pretty sure the ski locker bag in my '05 LSV is 400, and when it's full, the ski locker door pops open. There's no way I could fit a bigger bag in there and fill it up all the way..

    As far as the bags in the back, I know standard with the earlier models was 250. You should be able to measure the dimensions and compare online to determine which ones you have. Most people swap these out with 750's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wesjxxx View Post
    So how are people running 750 inside this locker????
    You can't unless you have the basement - only found on the older MobiusV and all XLVs.

    Best advice I could give is go as BIG as you can fit. 1100's might fit in your rear lockers and fill most of the way. But that doesn't mean you HAVE to always fill them full. Go with your skill/comfort level and be able to progress. More weight in the rear you will want to balance out some with more weight upfront.

    I originally did it the expensive way myself. Started with 250lb hard tanks. Went to 400lb bags. Experimented with 750. Ended up upgrading to 1100's and never looked back. I have the basement edition MobiusV so the 750 center was a no-brainer - fits like a glove.

    It's often tempting to go this same route with stereo gear but can end up costing you more in the long run going > budget > upgrade to mid tier > random "I want more" upgrades > finally upgrade to premier.
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