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    Default When to Pick up new 2002 outback

    Last weekend I went to pick up my new 2002 outback. I purchased it last october 2002. At that time I took it out for a quick ride and had to have it.

    I made of list of things that needed attention over the winter,


    -repair 1 inch gouge in left rear swim platform
    -steering really stiff
    -throttle handle really stiff going into reverse
    -install stereo and remote
    -fuel guage does not work
    -tie down straps for trailer
    -depth guage installed

    I called up the dealer and told them I will be coming up to pick up my new baby have her ready. I was told she will be ready dont worry hahahahhahahaha.

    When I arrived boat was buried in back of yard covered in mud.
    -the swim platform had not been repaired
    -the depth guage was installed but not working
    -radio was installed with no remote
    -fuel guage still did not work
    -no tie down straps
    I took boat out for a 3 hour spin, during this time my wife could not musle the boat in reverse, it was really stiff, I could barely get it in. Went back to the marina the service fellow made some adjust ment and it was now alot better. But know the WOT is about 4 oclock. The steering was still stiff.

    Finally my question

    Im really not all that impressed with this Moomba dealer however he is the only one in Ontario, can I have the boat serviced any where else?

    WHat is the factory setting for WOT in forward? . Mine currently is set around 4 Oclock, 12 being in neutral.

    The throttle cable and steering are still very stiff, im told it will loosen up with use.

    I should mention the boat has 6 hrs on it now.

    Thanks in advance.

    Buy the way great Site I have being reading it for quite some time but did not get the boat till last week so I figured I had nothing to offer yet .

    Thanks in advance
    2002 Outback 5.7 carb

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    99 OUTBACK LS ballast tow Guest


    Must be talkin about gary. Surprised you got that much done.
    Talk directly to Andrew he is the service tech there. I got fed up and finally went to Club Royal in michigan to have a factory tower installed on my boat. Its about 1hour from Sarnia

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