All, I'm looking for recommendations on a wakesurf rope. I've read a few threads but it doesn't look like many of them are very current.

My #1 priority is safety. This has me leaning toward a thick, wakesurf specific, handle free rope. The handles, even the smaller 9" ones or the T handles seem like they'd be more likely to get caught.

I'd also like length recommendations. I'm assuming the 25' ropes would be a better option than the 20' ropes simply to accommodate a wider range of wakes. I have a 13 Mojo without the Flow but I'm hoping to add it next season.

We are total wakesurf noobs. We wakeboard, ski and kneeboard so getting up shouldn't be a problem. We just picked up a big box Hyperlite Broadcast to learn on... if all goes well I think we'll look at higher end rider specific boards (we have about a 100lb weight range) and the Flow system as I'd mentioned. I'm not even sure a stock ballast equipped Mojo is even surfable but we're going to give it a try.

Thanks in advance for the advice.