gf's mom passed on sunday from a long bout with cancer in her late50's. lung/liver/brain finally did her in. she was a fighter tho. they gave her 6 months 18 months ago. she left on sunday and I go out today.
funeral is friday in a small town and I'm sure it'll be packed..

really hoping the "polar vortex" or whatever it is this year gives us a rest starting sunday for a few days. she's inheriting a 2000 f250 4x4 that we are driving from northwest montana back to green bay. 1600 miles and hoping the roads are good.

I will give a big shout out to Delta airlines for keeping their stock price high. one way last minute bereavement fares are a bargain priced $750 per person. she went back 4x in the last 8 months or so and averaged $500 round trip. I did appreciate the deal