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    Default Roswell speaker bar too low for Bimni?

    Want to add a Bimini buttttt I have the attached cans. Seems like the lower cans will make a bimni be way to low.

    I have polk db651 in the tower cans that came with the boat.

    Suggestions? Should I just buy blank cans from a place like Monster? Was considering their Bimini cargo rack also.. may take the boat down the street to the local boat canvas guy and see if he has any suggestions.


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    Default Roswell speaker bar too low for Bimni?

    I had a bar and sold it before I even mounted it due to Bimini height concerns. The extra few inches could be a big deal. Let me know how this works out for you. Looks great!!

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    for '10 and probably other years they had a forward bimini, that snapped to the forward tower bar, but could not fasten all the snap due to the speaker bar being in the way. I moved the speaker bar to the back tower bar and life was good.
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