Hi All,

After many, many years of renting a cabin and a boat for one week a year up in Northern Wisconsin to ski and wakeboard, we finally bit the bullet this Fall and bought a lake home and have now bought our first boat - a brand new, 2014 Mobius LSV with all kinds of cool stuff to keep us busy all summer.

We'll drop the boat in the water after Memorial Day, but I already have a few newbie questions that I hope you guys can help with (and more to come this summer):

1. With the 2 tower speakers, can I selectively turn those on and off while keeping the main cockpit speakers on?
2. Is there an easy Bluetooth adapter to run iTunes wirelessly, or do I need to plug in my iPod/iPhone/iPad?
3. I need to replace the existing cedar pier and old boat hoist in our sandy-bottom lake. Any suggestions for a good manufacturer? I great things about Pier Pleasure, but I'm looking for experience from you guys.

Thanks for any help on these questions, and I look forward of learning a lot from this group of Moomba enthusiasts.