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    How about the JL Audio subwoofer that they claim doesn't require an enclosure? It's a little pricey but could be an easy solution if they are worth a darn.
    That's a good thought but the term 'free air' is misunderstood. A 'free air' or 'infinite baffle' subwoofer does require total front to rear acoustic isolation. So it must have a full enclosure. The difference is that the enclosure can be part of the boat such as a helm console or bench seating console. Also, in the case of an 'IB' 10-inch sub, the enclosure would have to be very large, from 2.25 cu.ft. up to infinite.
    While the JL Audio 'IB' sub is excellent, it does not fit the application of most towboats. In a Supra/Moomba/Malibu/etc. the elevation of the bench seats are too short and the helm consoles are not sealed chambers.

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    I truly understand the idea of wanting a drop in box, but a custom made box shouldn't be all that costly if you don't want to build it yourself.

    With these guys and a couple of online calculators, it is pretty easy to size. I did it for my 12" JL W6 and it sounds awesome along with ten 6.5" speakers - six in-boats and four tower mounted. They aren't the highest end speakers, but with the proper sub and enclosure it is an awesome sounding system.

    My next boat I went with two 12" W6s and Wetsounds speakers and I used the same calculators. I guess my point is, if you are going to go with a decent or a great sub, go ahead and spend the time/money to build the enclosure correctly. It does make a difference, and you can also save some room down by your feet.

    I figure if I can do it, anyone can! I still get a lot of compliments on my first enclosure.
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