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    Default Went ALL IN for the summer

    Hey guys I've been stalking this site for awhile now and thought I'd join in the all the fun. The wife and I bought our first boat a few months back when people were starting to off load theirs prior to winter.
    We were looking to just get started off with an in/out board mainly because of the price aspect. The more people we talked to just seemed everyone started that way and were eventually kicking themselves for not buying an inboard and were later upgrading.
    Took a little trip Atlanta Marine and the wife fell in love with the Mondo but I had a heart attach at the price. Being our first boat I didn't want to jump into the deep end with a new boat so we picked up an 2008 LSV of the ole interweb.

    That's enough jaw jacking on to the Pics.
    ps.. great prices in the fall but tired of staring at a boat in the garage that's dying to get wet.
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