For the last few years we've been taking an annual vacation to Lake Norman which is just north of Charlotte, NC. We would rent a house on the lake, bring the boat, jet skis, the whole nine yards. After falling in love with the lake and the surrounding area, we've finally decided to do it. This current winter in NE Ohio has most certainly reaffirmed our decision and actually sped our move up.

First we decided to list our house Jan 1st, just to get things moving, not expecting to sell terribly quickly. Well 5 days later and 2 full ask offers, the house is sold. Shortly thereafter I had a lead on a pretty desirable position in Huntersville which was not meant to come to fruition until the fall, however 2 unexpected retirements had my wife and I on a plane down for an interview 2 weeks later. Now that its all said and done, I've accepted a position there and we should close on the house in the next 3 weeks. Although, in medicine we have this nasty little process called credentialing which leads to no one being able to start work much earlier than 3mos from date of acceptance.

So we will be moving by the end of april, just in time for the boating season to really come into effect, although we're going to wait a few weeks to bring the boat until we can decide on storage. Not going to rush into buying a house simply for the fact that we may indeed not like the area and simply don't know where we really want to be yet.

All in all we couldnt be more excited for the change on scenery, the weather and the extended boating season. As far as family, we're making this move completely solo, just the wife and I, although we expect some family to make the move later this year. With that comes the big problem, we need a 3rd!! So hopefully we make friends fast and can enjoy the lake to its fullest extent.

With that far too lengthy post said, any help/suggestions are very much appreciated!