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    Default Super Bowl Trivia !!!!!!!!!

    OK, post up your favorite SB trivia questions here. I used to love this stuff and once won a bunch of drinks and prizes when the Cowboys were destroying the Bills. Anyway, (without searching on the internet) here's an update on an old fun question:

    There are three (now it's 5) colleges that have each produced 3 quarterbacks that have played in the Superbowl. Name the three (5) colleges and the 9 (15) QB's.

    Post your guesses and I'll post the answer on Sat. so you have it in time for the big game. Please, everyone else post answers to your own questions on Sat. as well.

    (Hint: Several years ago I had trouble coming up with the third one. Then I realized it does not say "started" the SB, just "played in" so someone like Steve Grogan who backed up Tony Eason in '85-86 would qualify because he played in the game.)
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