My family is planning on taking a family vacation to Lake Lanier. I seen a lot of comments on here about the lake so I am hoping some people can help me.
I have family that live close to Cumming GA. We want to go visit them and spend a lot of time on the lake. (Originally I was planning on stay more up towards the north end of the lake like up by Gainesville or somewhere.)
We are checking out Shady Grove Camp Ground. But not for sure what we are going to do.

I would like to pull the boat down there with my bus (camper). But with it being 40’ long it is not convenient to running around in seeing other thing while we are down there. We also are kicking around renting a house on the water and just driving the Tahoe with the boat.

So the questions I have.
1. How is the weather around late April or the beginning of May?
2. How is the water around Cumming and/ or the Shady Gove Camping area for Wakeboarding and surfing? If it is bad is there any other area’s better for wakeboarding on the lake?
3. I am from the St Louis area and I been on the Lake of the Ozarks and there is areas I will not take a 21’ boat any more for safety and so one. With this being a large lake is there areas I should stay away from?
4. Is there a good campground in the area with boat docks close so I can keep my boat on the water?
5. Is there in must see place and or restaurants to eat at on the lake?

Thanks for the help