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    Quote Originally Posted by mmandley View Post
    Interesting observation.
    We don't have a long a trip to the water and once in the water we load ballast and roll. I don't do much cruising on the lakes. We are boarding or surfing I'd say 90% of the engine time.
    I also don't idle filling or draining ballast.

    I do carry a lot of beer, anyone thats ever been with us knows we roll 2 coolers, and 1-2 cases of beer.

    When we went to Powell we took 9 cases for 4 days lol. We had 15 cases at the wedding.

    Jmb, Yup its my 10 year anniversary at Intel and each 7 years we get 8 weeks sabbatical but I pushed mine as fare as i could. Plus I have to burn at least 2 weeks vacation and 7 hollidays. I plan to take from mid July till Oct off. Might be a lot of just floating in the lake drinking a beer with my dog when everyone is at work till Claudia is off, but hey, a day on the lake is a day on the lake LOL.

    Once of my best accomplishments was getting Claudia comfortable backing the truck and trailer down the ramp and her driving the set up home. She doesn't drink, so that allows me to always have a DD in the boat and home LOL.

    This is how we roll in the summer. Load it up boys. LOL

    Dang I love that pic. Wish I was there with ya
    Jack Beams
    '05 Outback DD
    325HP EFI Indmar

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    This gave me a big smile....thanks Mike

    Quote Originally Posted by mmandley View Post

    09 21v LAUNCH

    99 Outback LS. Sold

    run your engine after you change your oil
    68 th Member. WS420,HSE Revolution, OJ 466, Acme1157,1100 sacs,Kicker HLCD's n IX500.4, Supra Coolies

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    Glad to see you are supporting our product !!
    05 Mobius lsv , ballast system , stereo, etc..

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