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    Sadly for us , some of these Off brands are not always available to us Canadians. There are a few brands you get that we don,t and our pricing is ususally quite a bit higher. A brand i like is Cooper , but they are hard to find. You luckily have a MUCH better selection and prices when it come to tires. When the time truely comes, i may come south and pick up new tires ,while on holidays , but for replacement issues i will likely try to find a brand that possibly is available here as well, just in case i have a blowout or something and want to try to match brands etc.

    Even paying Duty etc, buying tires down there is likely cheeper than buying up here.....

    I get almost all my tires here these days. Used to mount and balance myself but lately I've been taking them in. I don't have the old snap on wheel balancer anymore.

    shipping FAQ page:
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