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Just filled her up for the second time, just shy of 1200 miles now.

Last night was 566 on the trip and 33.5 gallons to fill it. Making it 16.8

Truck's computer is surprising close on mileage and fuel used.
Truck said Mileage was 17.1 hand calc 16.8
Truck said i used 32.6 gallons Took 33.5 with topping it to the dollar.

Pretty happy with driving the truck still, did a few spirited passing runs on ole HW47 and she gets up and goes from 40 to 80. You can feel the turbos boost up and the power roll on.

Still not as fast as the F350 or seat of the pants fast with the power it had.

Course if the F150 had something other then factory exhaust so you could get a little sound with that seat of the pants feeling then mentally it might feel different.

The Eco has no exhaust sound at all in the truck, when you full throttle it if the stereo is turned down low you get some engine growl but thats it really.

I do miss the roar of the F350's straight exhaust and the whine, and blow off sounds of the F350s twin turbos.

I'm time I will have to upgrade to a CAI and exhaust just for sound reasons LOL.

Time to take the ole Vette for a ride, with its Cat and Resonator only exhaust, she has a nice deep rumble and when you stomp that skinny pedal ...She Gone!

I calculated mine and it was fairly colse to the lie o meter. I have a few buds with these trucks. Some have done the exhaust, CAI-difference in milage, some have exhaust, CAI, livernoise tune- woke it up on 89 tune but really no big difference in milage.