Ok - time to put some feelers out. Yes it's early, but to make this happen around here reservations definitely need to be made early!

We are looking at Labor Day Weekend 2014 as the possible NW Moomba/Supra Jam. That would be Aug 29 - Sept 1. Here are the details so far:

Location: Prineville Reservoir (Central Oregon)

Camping: Prineville Reservoir State Park - http://www.reserveamerica.com/campin...&parkId=402461
Prineville Reservoir Resort (private) -http://www.prinevillereservoirresort.com/

The state park has a nice amphitheater and some kids programs to keep them occupied and having fun. There's also the opportunity for some bass, crappie, catfish and trout fishing if you're up for it.

Both have RV/Tent spots, a few cabins and the resort has a few small motel-ish rooms for rent. Both offer ramps, moorage, nice beach and day use areas, etc. and they are roughly 15 minutes apart by water or land. The private resort also has gas at the marina, a small store, restaurant, etc.

There are also a few other smaller campgrounds around but I do not have details handy at the moment. The town of Prineville is about 30 min away and also has lodging options for those non campers.

Off the top, between Newty's connections and myself we have around 5-6 families/boats who are ready to commit. There are several of you out there in WA, OR even Canada or NorCal who should really consider making the trip - especially if you've never been. This is a beautiful, big reservoir with amazing water and weather all summer.

Mike I know you have standing plans for LBC that weekend, but really you're maybe a couple hours away. Easy tow for the day so you could hit the main events / highlights.

Please respond and indicate your interest and any questions you have. We'll post this over on the Supra site as well but would prefer to direct them here so we can keep all in the info in one spot.

PS - this is the sort of thing that awaits every day...