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    Default Lake Association Ideas

    Our lake association is in need of some changes and has been run like a lemonade stand in years past. We do all of the standard spring meeting, clean up week, summer picnic, 4th of July parade/prizes and I'm curious what others may be doing to draw a bigger following. As much as i HATE facebook, we started a page late last summer and were starting to get a good following and it seems to be working well. I would like to add some additional services/entertainment value for members. Anything you guys have done in the past that you can suggest?
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    I try to discourage our lake association from a large web presence. I don't want anything drawing attention to our lake and increasing boat traffic. A FB page with all settings as Friends only is about as far as I was willing to go. Another member wanted to start a Web page so he did - thinking the owners would all want to contribute. Oh to be young and full of hope again.
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    I would think the challenge is how to add new members that pay dues, but are so busy they don't have time to use the asset
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    We do similar things at our lake...we have a great fireworks show on the 4th, mostly paid for by donations from the lake front owners but some local businesses as well. We also have a band play down by the water on the 4th, this brings the boats in and they stay for the fireworks show. Earlier in the day there is a lake wide poker run. Around Labor Day we have a Taste of Long lake where 8-10 volunteers make easy to eat, small serving items. Folks pay $5 a ticket, visit each location by boat, and taste what their lake neighbors have made....the volunteers split the take and win small prizes for presentation, taste, etc. There is a Facebook presence as well as a web page.

    We also have a yearly meeting with free pancake breakfast where most people pay their dues and we get updates on lake goings on such as weed treatment,etc.
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    Out HOA has a fall event that is very well attended. They have all the bouncy stuff set up for kids to play on. Casting contest and other games. Food is mostly donated too like local Super Lube guys grilling burgers, Chik Fil A provides nuggets, other donors have other stuff. Face painting, balloon animals, DJ and dance groups performing, cheerleaders, etc. Oh yeah, and free beer.
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