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    Default Not Boat Related, but Stereo Related

    Hi guys-

    Just wanted to show a few pics of my man-cave build out in the shop. I am losing the space for my office in the house, so building an office in the shop was only logical. Since I am swinging the hammer, I figure why not add enough space for a good theater. My plan is for in-walls, (I already have some nice Dayton Audio MTM in-walls on-hand) for the theater. I will then probably have some free-standing speakers on stands for any recording or editing work I do. I will have a small dry bar with fridge, and I may bring my shuffleboard in to the office from its current location in the garage.

    I am ready for texture at the moment, then paint, then floor and trim, and themn I start moving in.

    Anyway, here are a few pics of my new digs, in progress.

    David will probably dig my ideas on the surround. I am going old-school, at least for a while and will be using either a passive Hafler-style matrix decoder for the rear speakers or I will use one of the active Quadrophonic options that existed in the 70's. NO CENTER CHANNEL initially, as it is my opinion that a center channel speaker is unnecessary with defined center-position seating. I have 5 identical in-walls and I pre-wired for a center channel speaker, but I am going ot leave it out for now to see what I come up with. One item floating around on the used market I am curious about is the SOny SQD-2020. It is a 4-channel decoder and does it at the preamp level, so I can use two stereo power amps on the back-end of the Sony decoder and have full control over each of the 4 channels. I can add a digital delay if I want to add some distance to the back speaker artificially.

    There are two HDMI pulls from the equipment rack to the TV. I can use HDMI switching in the TV if I want, with an audio feed back to the rack from the TV. I am not saying I amgoing to run it that way, but I have the flexibility built in if I choose to.

    I want to have this all done before Dec. 14. I gotta get my game on....
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