benson, your right in that the bottom does not deserve from the top, but we have built it that way with too many tax loopholes and a code that no one really understands. as much as I hate to see KG out a job, it needs to be fixed to be simple. we would feel the effects of layoffs/unemployment for a few years but it would eventually even itself out.

granted this was a few years ago.. guy that worked for me. single breadwinner, 4kids and wife. makes somewhere around 40-43k. at the end of the year, we totalled up his irs federal contributions to the tax pool and it came to $740. he received a refund that year of almost 8grand. progressive flat tax will eliminate some of that pool of $$ being handed out to lower income. no tax deduction, some will think twice about having them. I don't have to tell you that refund didn't go to supporting a family, insurance or the such. new computer, new tv, etc... and I do not believe for a second that this is an isolated incident.
my ex manages an optical shop. I can't tell you how many stories of single moms coming in on medicaid to get glasses for kids or self. they don't like the assortment as it's not really "fashionable" so boyfriend that is with mom whips out cash to pay for trendy products. they have same address, but don't get married as then mom loses benefits..

the whole system is screwed..