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I had the old sprinkler valve setup with 3 fill valves running off a single thru hull/pump on my old supra. it would take around 15 minutes to fill one of the 1100 sacs in the rear locker and the 400 sac in the belly. no other mods to the setup than the bag. had plans to do some of the mods you will find on here, but really never found the need nor the time to do them. gave time to swim, crack a beer or just shoot the breeze. I can't speak to switchover as that boat never saw a goofy wave in the 5years I owned it. around the same time for the single rule pump to drain the 1100bag as well.
My '02 Moomba has the same setup, one fill pump with three dump pumps all aerators.

Definitely not as fast as my newer setup with five reversibles, but on the Moomba, I just added the bigger bags and as Sandm said, gives more time to let the stereo run and maybe enjoy a cold one ("ONE?!" I just heard my wife scream...)

With the five reversibles, I had to also add a new under dash dc distribution panel with a new main circuit breaker (80A?). Works real nice, but I did dump some money into it and ruined a nice weekend before I installed it. Popped a fuse (well hidden) and didn't have pumps or stereo as the WS 420 was ran off the same block.