I want to share a couple things with our community so that others don't run into the same circumstances as I did this past weekend. One of them concerns a minor setback while the other (though it turned out better than what COULD have happened) was a major lapse in intelligent thinking and could have been a devastating accident.

So first, I'll start with the major incident as it relates to my minor setback. We recently closed on a new house and have been scrambling around for the past 4 days moving stuff. So my mind was all over the place and I was rushing everything that I was doing, including going to pick up the boat at our old place to bring it over to the new home and see the moment of truth (will it fit in the garage?).

I am usually a stickler about checking things, but again my mind was all over. Well I hooked the boat up, pulled away and had to spin it around this curb island and as I did I noticed a weird feeling in the pull of the trailer but kept going and proceeded out of the complex. I came to an intersection still in the complex to make a left and as I slowed down, THATS when I noticed what was wrong. How you may ask? Well because I saw my boat in my turn mirror keep moving forward but my truck was stopped. Guess what I did? Like a dope I didn't go through my mental checklist. I forgot the pin for the swinging tongue and the tongue jackknifed and slid underneath my rear bumper. WHOA! I am freaking out now! Jump out, put the trailer jack down (thankfully have the Fulton dual wheel) and tried to push it back so I could drop the pin in. Yeah right!! So then I hope back into my truck and try to pull forward to get it straight, and the boat comes forward again as the road slightly sloped down! What a fiasco! Now I pull forward some more and this time I am in the middle of the intersection blocking 4-5 cars who are watching this all unfold.

I finally was able to get it straight and the pin back in. Minor damage to my bumper and pushed the trailer light mount up and under (still worked though) and took a nice gouge out of my trailer tongue. So learn from my stupidity! No matter how much of a rush you are in, slow down and think about what you need to do. Always perform that mental checklist!!

It could have been real bad so I am glad it happened as slow speed in the complex.

Then I get the boat home and back it up only to find that it won't fit even after measuring. Height is short, I need another 3-4 inches because of garage door and cross section. I was totally deflated after this because one of my main requirements when house hunting was to find one with a garage big enough to store the boat.

I just ordered a MaxxTow Adjustable Height 10" drop hitch from etrailer.com to see if that would work, and it's back ordered so shipping witching 7 days! LoL! FML

So, measure once, measure twice, and measure some more to be sure!!!!

What a freaking weekend I had!

But we love our new house!!!