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    I don't think it's surftabs. there has to be a reason mc is the only company really exploring it and they are NOT known for producing class-leading wakesurf waves. I know 2 that ordered new x35's last year and opted out of surftabs.
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    My 06 has a wakeplate. I do use it since I have it. Mostly for wakeboarding. I put it down for beginners to knock the wake down a bit, and all the way up for intermediate/advanced riders to maximize the wake. I don't use it much for surfing - I typically have it all the way up, unless I have a really light surfer, then I put it down to lenthen the wave some since they don't need all that height.

    But I think the more important use for it is when the nose of the boat starts porpoising. It's nice to have the wakeplate at those moments. Just trim the wakeplate down a bit and it stops. Don't have to adjust speed or move people to the bow. Since your boat is a DD, you may not have porpoising issues?

    If I didn't have porpoising issues and did not have a wakeplate, I probably would not go through the trouble of installing one.

    That's my two cents.

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