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    Default How much do you adjust your wake plate (trim tabs)?

    So I'm curious. I've got a wakeplate (trim tab, cavitation plate) on my Supra Sunsport Direct Drive. I can adjust it manually by screwing the turnbuckles. it will basically bend it up or down, mine doesn't have hinges.

    I've considered adding a hinge (or retrofitting a pair of trim tabs) along with a pair of the Lenco electric trim tab actuators to allow some on the fly adjustment. Furthermore, I figured that if I was going to be doing it, I might as well separate the trim tab so that there's one for each actuator. Why not have a smidge more control and be able to adjust a trim tab for the port and starboard actuator independently, right?

    Also, what do you all think about the idea of mounting trim tabs further apart, like on the parts of my hull that are on either side of the "flat" middle section?? Like mounting them on the next flat sections over (under the exhaust outlets). Obviously that could be problematic if I later decided I wanted a FAE (which I DO intend on doing in the future)... So add discussion on mounting two tabs together where the OEM plate is vs. mounting them father apart on the hull...

    So, I've read from a couple people on the Supra forums that did a retrofit that they really don't use the added control/functionality--rather that they just put it all the way up and pretty much leave it there.

    So, I don't want to throw good time/money at a project that's not going to produce a meaningful return on that investment.

    Therefore my question is to those of you that DO have power wakeplate/trim tabs, do you use it? How significant is it to your wake/surf/ski experience??? Would you miss it terribly if it was fixed like mine? I would love some input to determine if a project like this would be worth pursuing...
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