Saturday September 28, 2013 was a beautfiul day in Indiana. Got up to around 80 F water was cool but felt good. We had made plans with friends and my parents to go out and do some surfing and wakeskating. We had a nice wave going enjoying the day. My buddy was killing it after not surfing for 3 years due to knee surgeries and issues. I was in the middle of the lake abot 12ft of water, approx. 400ft from the shore turning around to head back into a cove when..... BAM!!!!!!!!! boat starts shaking and we almost come to a complete stop. I immediately cut the throttle and look at my depth finder. It says 12 ft still.... I start looking for a log or a body or something. My buddy jumped off the board as soon as he heard the boat hit, swims to about where it happened and stands up and yells " Hey I think I found the problem." There was a huge rock in the middle of the lake that we found with the boat. Damage could have been a lot worse but I am still pissed. Luckily I have insurance and it is the end of the season. I wasn't a big fan of this lake before and now I will never go back.

Here are some pictures of the damage.

Clearly the prop is done, driveshaft is bent. rudder is bent and pushed up into the engine compartment, hull has some nicks. Could have been a lot worse. It would idle so we made it back to the dock on our own power nad back onto the trailer. Now to the Moomba dealer to be fixed and winterized.