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You're riding too slow, especially with that kind of weight in the boat. Kick it up to 23-24 at least; 23 is a good speed to learn inverts. I ride 25 at 65ft, behind an LSV though. Behind my Supra I rode 25-26 at 70ft, but the wake wasn't quite as wide. The wake will break further back and you'll have a cleaner wake. There is absolutely no reason you need to go to 70ft unless you start landing 5ft in the flats consistently, and I can't imagine the wake is good that far back at the speed you're going.
That speed just sounds like you don't care about your knees or neck or any other body part really. I won't ride over 22. My LSV we run the 650 IBS up front with the stock gravity three with the wake plate at half at 22 mph and 70 ft. I would definitely NOT speed up to learn an invert. If anything, ditch the weight and slow down

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