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How does the speedo work on my boat? My old boat had the old system with the venturi tubes, and if I didn't winterize by the first frost the water in the tiny tubes would freeze and crack the tubes, therefore no speedos in the spring (and sometimes no gauges at all). So usually I would try to be winterized by early October, but I'd ride until there was ice on the water if it was up to me.
Look under the boat, Port side, black wheel with nubs, thats the speedo sensor.

Last year we made it out till first week of Oct, then delivered the Fierah <LSV> to the new owner.

This year with our AZ trip on the 13th through the Oct 3 i am getting a nice kick to the end of my summer. I still hope to get out at least once in October, sometimes 2x so i can winterize. All depends of the rain and cold air show up.

This week has been weird because we are getting a lot of rain, 60s - 70s temps. Today should be 80 and im sure muggy LOL