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    Default This has to be a scam. Right??

    Quote Originally Posted by Frznrth View Post
    I asked if I could see the boat first - they said "Yes" - but they would need to check if it was still for sale and then set up an appointment. I responded that my friend has an uncle who is a cop in Charlston and that he would be able to do the inspection any time this week or next as he is on holidays. Hmm - haven't heard back from them - isn't that strange. Bastards - hope they all go to jail or rot in hell - or both!
    Noted, I will use that story someday.

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    Great idea on the copper thing. Too bad folks legitimately looking for a boat have to sift through all the BS out there. Also, it affects what people think these items really cost.
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    send me the money and ill go get it for you... Please send cash
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    Yeah good cop story. It is almost as hard for honest people trying to sell stuff too. I have had my wife's motorcycle on cycletrader for a few months now and 99% are scammers saying they will "wire" me the money if I give them my bank info. I have seen it a lot because I am constantly selling stuff. Call all of them out and they usually shut up. Except one guy who talked to me for about 6 hours. He talked a lot of sh*t and tried to insult me. Then said he was from Africa and asked if I could help him get a job because he was 11 and had no family. When I said no he said he was going to "F my wife" hahaha good times. Good luck finding a boat.
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    Scam scam scam. I can't believe anybody falls for them anymore. You would think there is enough awareness by now, but apparently not. They're getting so prevalent now that they even have US cell phone numbers they'll text you from, I've been getting that a lot lately.

    However, my buddy at work has a college friend that contacted him about a deal on a boat last week. It's a 2010 27ft rinker with low hours for $5000. I told him for sure it's a scam, that's insanely ridiculous. But his buddy actually went and looked at the boat, and it's a 20yr old girl who's grandfather died and she inherited it, and his estate apparently paid the lien off. She's kind of white trash and has no idea what she's doing...her and her brother had just been partying on the boat making it all filthy (even had a bucket they were peeing in sitting in the middle of the boat lol), and it's sitting in a slip that's already been prepaid for the year. They are literally on their way to the secretary of state together as I'm typing this to verify that the lien has been terminated, she has the title in her hand. If everything checks out and he actually gets this boat, that's a deal of a lifetime right there. So very VERY rarely, maybe a deal isn't too good to be true!
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