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    Ok did I miss it or did you post a write up on the wake gates, Awesome stuff. Love the vantage point from the GP.
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    yea,its on the Supra forum. The guys have been asking me for some video footage of them. The lighting was so great last night that I thought I'd post it up. We stayed out till it was dark.

    This is my oldest daughter getting silly. She is a great wakesurfer and we have been trying to get my 11 y/o twins to give it a try so we thought boogy boarding would be something they would be interested in so she figured it out and was having a bunch of fun till it got to dark.

    I actually emptied the rears to about half on each side and filled my front (1100lb) and the wakeplate down to get a really long pocket. Worked great. There's a couple more videos on my Youtube channel.

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    Let's see. got to the launch at 8:30am on Saturday, had our usual spot to ourselves for the first couple hours. I took a zillion pulls on a slalom ski trying to remember how I used to do it 10 years ago first pull every time. (damn it I was leaning forward too much and needed to be leaning back). Got a friend of ours up surfing for the first time. And got some great wake and surf sessions in.

    Sunday did the same thing and had buttery water ALL DAY LONG on the river. NOT crowded at all. Saw a decent amount of old school tournament boats out, but really had plenty of room to surf and wake until 2pm when we called it good. After that, we went back to our friend's houseboat and picked up a couple more girls and went for happy hour drinks and food at a floating restaurant on the river via boat. We finally left the water at 6pm and it really wasn't even that bad at the launch.

    People get so damn worked up about Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, but we had no issues and it really wasn't any big "drama" that would cause me to skip a perfectly good boating morning!!!

    Today we were so worn out and sunburnt that we skipped boating today and I just slept in, tinkered a little on the boat, then went out to our upscale movie theater and had dinner/movie.

    As for the pics, here's me coming in for a landing and smooth water still at 10:25 am.

    And my friend on his 3rd time ever wakeboarding getting his biggest air to date.
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    finaly got out-1st time since mid July. hit the lake sunday am about 10, allready half the boat trailer parking spots filled up. lake gettting busy but we gave it a go. Kido strapped on her wakeboard and got a set in. then filled the surf ballast up and we all took a turn. wife and I took turns dodging the jet ski guys, for some reason they like jumping our wave doing flips and such. after about 30 minutes of them getting in our way we emptied out and put her on the trailer and headed home. sat by the pool and drank beer the rest of the day. not a bad weekend other than haveing the house power go out for a few hours, amazing how fast a house will heat up in the florida sun.

    sur hope the injured guys heal up and can still get a run in this year or at least be 100% for next season.
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    Enjoyed a great weekend at the lake. About the best weather we've had all season with only 1 thunderstorm that rolled in after we had called it quits late in the afternoon on Sun. Only had to lose my cool one time with dumb jet skiers and had pretty decent water for a Holiday weekend. Oldest daughter brought a friend along and the kids had a blast teaching her how to surf and, yes I'll admit it, flying across the water on the tubes.

    At the Wakesurf National contest the weekend before, my younger daughter took 1st place in the Women's Outlaw division and won a Phase 5 wakeSURF board. Yes, Phase 5 is going to enter the SURF market. I really enjoy their skim-style boards and am stoked to see them enter the surf-style world.

    The board is beautiful! Full carbon fiber construction, cool bottom graphics, custom traction. It's called the Aku and will "officially" be released this week at Surf Expo. Only problem I had was that my 5 yr old son claimed it as HIS:

    Both girls & Momma got a few rides on it (no pulls for me this weekend. wife won't drive w/ Holiday traffic) and they all liked it. Not as much rocker in the nose as their Soulcraft boards and not as loose, but fast and a solid ride all around.

    While my younger daughter did well at the Wakesurf Nationals, she wasn't happy with how she rode. She has been watching the recap of the event online and focusing on the pro riders and trying to pick up the subtle things they do that set them apart. While she could air it out, she wasn't getting the height she wanted and wanted to improve her variety of tricks once she boosted. She worked on a few things Sat and was riding well by Sun.

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    Rip it, JJ! Looks like a great weekend. Wish I could have gotten out. Our weather is finally starting to stabilize.
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    Quote Originally Posted by N2OGTO View Post
    Looks like it, next weekend is the annual puddle life tie up out at joe pool. Trmaggie, are you going to be out? What about you aquavette??
    Not likely. I partied like a rockstar on that lake years ago in my fast boat days. At my age, and after years of the Devil's Cove at Lake Travis, I'm kinda over that whole scene. I am glad you said something, as I was contemplating a trip down there this coming weekend, since Grapevine is so low. Knowing about the tie up means I would skip Saturday completely, and consider early Sunday morning. Just call me the party pooper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aquavette View Post
    Joe Pool??

    Have a good friend that lives minutes from Joe Pool, that's one place they boat with there sea ray.

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    Default Any Interesting Labor Day Fun?

    Our weather sucked for the most sick of RAIN! We got out Friday night for the surf party weather was OK then.. We went out Saturday afternoon, it was cool and overcast. Sunday was apparently the best day of the weekend at the lake and I was stuck at home with in laws and it was raining at our house. Pretty much the same yesterday. We decided to make a trek into the mountains and take the in laws to Amicalola Falls. The sun of course came out at 4:00. Really hope this next weekend is better! Glad most of you had a great holiday! I'm looking forward to next summer and hopefully not as much rain. Rain washed out the 3 holidays for us this year...
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    Quote Originally Posted by clarkely View Post
    We just got home from an afternoon on the lake.....

    We were camping - non Lake- for the weekend..... Left early this morning.... Backed camper in.... Loaded and unloaded.... Hooked boat up.... And left on less then an hour turnaround time.....

    We needed some aqua therapy to close out the weekend

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    Did have a little excitement ...... 3 lane boat launch ..... waiting for a guy who appeared a bit clueless or green take 15 minutes and 15 try's to back his trailer down the ramp......than another 15 minutes and 5 try's for him to get it on the which point i was getting frustrated and went around him to load ........well he appeared to have the boat on the trailer and last minute starts backing up and never looks .............. a quick slam of full throttle reverse kept me inches away ..... then he ended up loading his boat sideways on the trailer....... lol ........ my kids pull it straight to get him on .......... the guy drives up the launch and has engine running the whole time.....

    Ironically we had such a great day i forgot about it ..............till i was just talking to my wife and she asked how close he was to clipping us...... lol

    All ended well
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