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    When you pay a professional, you expect professional work. I'd be upset too OP... and the rest of you who have had issues.

    My boat was only in my possession for a week before the dealer bent my wake plate...

    It's still only "repaired"... I'm not happy with it but SC said it was documented if there were ever issues in the future
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    Default Dealers messing up the boat while getting serviced!!

    The first time I took my boat to our local dealer they waxed it before giving it back. Rinkers Boat World in Houston is by far the best inboard dealer in the area. Never hear anything good about anyone else, especially SMG formally known as Darryl Moore. They are the Axis Malibu dealer in the area and everyone complains about them! Makes the next boat purchase an easy decision!

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    I rarely need to have service done at the dealer, but I've always had great luck with my local SC dealer and then a Nautique dealer that I go to because I know them well. None of this would be acceptable, I actually can't believe some of the experiences you guys are having. I'd try to find an independent shop or repair guy (if you're out of warranty) that you trust from this point forward instead of going back to the dealer.
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