I keep hearing great things about Exile customer service. My question is, how the hell do you get a hold of these guys? I've called on several different occasions, and every single time, I have got the message "due to high call volume, we are on a call-back only basis, please leave your name and number."

I've left my number twice now and no call back. In fairness, the second time was only last Friday, so it hasn't been all that long. But I did call at like noon or so.... I just sold my old tower speakers Friday and was excited to order some XM-7's, but I wanted the black grilles, and had some additional questions, so I wanted to call rather than order online. I even said "I'd like to place an order!"

The first time I called was the day I received my ZLD. I was hooking it up, and the Power/ground/remote showed different in the instructions than what was printed on the ZLD. I was a little nervous. Obviously one of the two was wrong, and I wanted to talk to someone to verify. I called once that night and left my number, then called again the next day and got the same message (didn't leave my name that time). Then I just guessed which way to go and luckily it worked. I can't remember how long ago I ordered the ZLD, but I bet it's been close to a month. Still no call back to this day.

Can anyone reassure me? I LOVE what they are doing for this sport, and the ZLD has been awesome. I know a lot of you have bought A LOT of gear from them. Do you have a secret number or a direct email I can use?