Hi. I've heard lots of great things about moomba and would love to upgrade my old skiboat to one. Am hopping you can help me in my search.

Budget is low 20s. Would use primarily for wake boarding and surfing (tubbing and kneeboarding too) If I could sort of ski behind it that would be a plus but not a priority (I'm not a fussy skier a bigger wake than ideal wouldn't be a problem) - boat is mostly for the kids to wakeboard/surf behind. Would really like built in ballasts, wake plate, perfect pass (or some type of cruise system) and heater tubes (not sure what you call them - Ive heard about tubes you can pull out to warm up with) - available on moomba? I live in alberta and these sound almost like a must.

Would appreciate knowing what models/years to look at. I'm thinking all i want might be tough to find in the low 20s but I'm patient am hoping to scoop a great deal.

Is it a V drive that I want? Are the DDs more of a crossover that will leave me wishing for a V? I did a bit of looking and it seems the DDs are a fair amount cheaper. But as I said I'm a government worker with time to search for a deal .

Thanks much for your time.