Well, I looked at the 2008 this afternoon. The drivetrain and oils looked OK. There was a small amount of oil collected on the intake, most likely a little leaking from the valve cover gasket. The bilge had some oil beneath the oil pan. I ran my hand on the bottom of the oil pan and it had a film of oil. No big drips though. Most likely the oil pan gasket. Tires are original and cracked from the sun, definitely need replacing. Gelcoat was decent shape, definitely needs a polish with a buffer. The front keel around the eye hook was really marred up with black marks from the roller. They either are power loading hard to the stop or maybe winching with the trailer not deep enough. Rest of the outside had minor nicks and marks. Bottom of the boat looked like it hadn't been sprayed or washed off all summer. Vinyl was good, but had some brown tinge around the edges where it had set damp against the sides of the boat. Battery was original, so probably near the end of its life. The plastic shroud around the gauges had a crack around one of the top screws. But, down on the bottom left, the same shroud had a complete split around the switch cluster, that would bug me. Good news is that it actually has Perfect Pass, not the standard Moomba Cruise. Told me that they had never changed the plugs or the impeller.

Still going to look at the 2006 tomorrow before I make a decision.