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    Default DCWake reviews the Orlando, FL area wakeboard camps

    This article is the first in a series that I intend to write about the Central Florida camps we all see advertised in the magazines. This article will focus on The Wakeboard Camp in Clermont and Orlando’s O’Town Watersports and Orlando Wakeboard Academy. My aim for this series is to create as unbiased a resource for riders looking to find the best value for their money in the growing wakeboard camp industry in Central Florida.

    Read the article:

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    Yo Ed-I dont know as much as you about clermont but I did visit and took a lesson with kyle -and loved the town-my wifes family is moving to florida and if we follow next year I would consider clermont-how are the schools-as far as the area i thought it was great-nice people-kind of a small town feel.

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