I know what you are dealing with. I got my first wakeboat with the four tower speaker "upgrade". I assumed that the tower speakers were good for wakeboarding.

I would nearly deafen the enitre boat trying to hear the speakers on the line.

It has only been recently that HLCD speakers became the "norm" on wakeboats. They project the music much farther.

They will also deafen people on the boat, so I am trying to figure out how to mount a set in my v-drive lockers. This winter I will attempt to modify my rear sun pads so the back foot or so hinges up with an actuator. The speakers will mount to the bottom of this section of sun pad.

I will have the speakers out and on only when wakeboarding. I will mount two coaxial tower speakers for surfing or chillin in the cove.

I plan to have the remote wire for the amp on a dash switch that will also energize the actuators so when the rider is on the line, one switch will raise the speakers and turn on the amp, and when they fall, turning the switch off wil lower the speakers and kill the amps power.