I just got my Mojo a couple weeks ago and the tower speakers were just added last week. I had the opportunity to try them out for the first time this weekend and I must say I was very underwhelmed with their performance. The starboard speaker is already exhibiting a defect as it appears the foam around the center of the speaker is loose and is vibrating. Distortion can be heard.

I don't have my boat as it's in the shop getting some other things corrected. I'm assuming that the kicker amp is a KXM 400.2 and that the speakers are the Roswell R6's. When I was looking at the specs, I see the amp is capable of 100 watts RMS at 4 ohms and the speakers are only capable of 75 watts RMS (150W peak) at 4 ohms. It doesn't appear that this is the best match.

Has anyone experienced issues with the stock tower speaker/amp combo? I wouldn't think I should expect product failure on day one of use. Either way, as I stated, I'm not overly impressed with the audio performance on the tower... especailly after investing nearly $70k