Alright, so after seeing wet sounds facebook today I've decided that i need to build one of these. Being that i have 4 stock kicker components lying around, i myswell put them to good use.

I have a sneaking suspicion that most of you probably like to tailgate like myself and I'm always looking to enhance the experience so with my old love for beer, new love for high quality loud as shit marine audio, I've decided to combine the two.

Now I have very limited knowledge of audio and electrical components, but luckily have a brother in law that can hold his own on the electrical side of things to help me along the way. I'm posting this here to get everyones thought as far as pieces to the puzzle.

Looking to do this on a budget being that it won't get used all that often.

Thoughts on a small battery that will power 4 6.5" speakers and a 300ish watt amp for 6hours

Thoughts on a way to charge the battery while stored away

Thoughts on whether to add a headunit or just do rca's out of the amp split them eventually into a single headphone jack

Thoughts on creative ways to divide the cooler so it can still hold ice/beer without electrocuting my frequent entering hand.

I have an old cooler in the basement so my initial plan is probably just to experiment with it and then make the masterpiece.

Also i don't have the metal clips that i see a lot of people using to secure the marine speakers to the cooler in some of the tutorials. Any ideas as to where to find these

Link to images