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    Default Shout Out to EXILE AUDIO

    I just wanted to relate a little story about my dealings with Exile Audio. I bought a pair of SXT65 tower speakers a couple years ago. I liked them and ordered a second pair. So I'm a small time customer on kind of the budget end of the market and not very important in the grand scheme of things. I had one of the speakers making a hiss and crackle sound and I mentioned it to MMandley who talked to Exile. I mentioned it in an e-mail to Brian. He promptly got involved and informed me that Exile would "warranty" the speaker. He shipped out a new grill with tweeter after asking if I could solder it myself. This was at no cost and with no shipping charge around 2 years if not more after the sale. It turned out that the mid and not the tweeter was the issue. Brian asked me to send the speaker back so they could get it right. I had a vacation coming up but Brian got it turned around and shipped back to me in time to get it back on the tower so I didn't have to look at a 3 speaker tower for the week on the lake. It was fixed perfectly and Exile never even asked me to pay for parts or shipping.

    Anyway, I just wanted to mention it -- Brian is a guy with kids who enjoys watersports and is more than just a guy trying to make a buck off of the members of this board. He's part of the larger family on here and I appreciate him going the extra mile (twice) for my issue that I probably caused myself. I know he has done similar things for others on here. I certainly didn't expect this and am glad I got my equipment from Exile. I wish I could afford more of it because I'd buy again.

    The kids appreciated having the tunes restored in time for our week on the water so we took this photo to say thanks to Brian:

    Thanks Exile.jpg
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    And this is why we pumped that EXILE is sponsoring our Texas Jam for the 2nd straight year. First Class

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    Default Re: Shout Out to EXILE AUDIO

    Kudos to Mike and Brian...I have always been a big fan of Brian since off season..Big discount on SX65M...without asking

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    great guy to work still going to have to order more speakers and balls from him..
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    great customer service !
    Hey, Its Moomba time

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    Very cool pic! Solid work on the customer service, Brian.

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    Default Shout Out to EXILE AUDIO

    x10 on customer service!!! Top Notch!!!
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    Brian and exile rock, good to hear he keeps on keeping on with the great service! Kudos.

    Kane ,love the family tribute.
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    Default Shout Out to EXILE AUDIO

    Cool story and live the exile lettering!
    New gang signs.

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    Kane - I really appreciate this story and photo. I just had a meeting with my CSR's yesterday talking about what their actions mean. It's easy to get Ivory tower syndrome. In fact, Mandley was kind enough to take our college intern on the water for the day and really show her what all this stuff is about. Super thanks for the support.

    And as for me, you all know I've a special place for the moomba community. Your a great bunch of people. As I write this, my body is beat up from all the water time this year. I'm resting up for a few days and then its off to the TEXAS JAM. It will be fun see you all again.

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