Howdy. I couldn't find any older thread with these symptoms, so here goes...

At the start of each boating day, my Perfect Pass will struggle to maintain a set speed. I have to give extra throttle just to make it stop complaining (the # symbol will flash as it tries and fails until I give throttle). Speed will vary up and down quickly.

This will continue for perhaps the first 20-30 minutes of use. The symptoms gradually disappear and the system is then usable for hours afterwards.

I'm going to visit my boat at the marina briefly this afternoon. I won't be putting it in the water (it's on the trailer), but I can inspect for any specific things that you forum members might point out.

I'm guessing either:

1. Slipped fastener on a cable end, or
2. Failing cable. Being tight, but loosen-able for a while each day was a symptom that my steering cable also had before it needed replacement.

Hints? Thanks.