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Thread: Tough Decision

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    Default Tough Decision

    Quote Originally Posted by snyderaaron View Post
    How old are your kids, I have a 20 month old and one on the way. Seems harder to go out the younger they are.
    My first boat was a 2001 champion fish/ski that I bought in March of 2006. At the time, my daughter was 4 months old. She grew up on that thing, and has loved boats ever since. We had twin girls in 2010, and with that many people it was hard to fit everybody on an 18' boat. The solution for us was easy - get a bigger boat. They were 21 months old when we bought the LSV last year, and they love it. All 3 of them can't wait anytime we are able to get out.
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    Kids get bigger fast and will grow up loving the boat. Would have been awesome to have a paid for Moomba about the time the kid expenses started piling up. If you look at the cost of taking a few kids to the movies or a waterpark or amusement park or anywhere the boat is not that expensive. There is just nothing like it.
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    We have a garage full of stuff we don't use enough! Don't worry!

    Every year we put about 20 hour maximum on our boat, but even one day on the boat with the whole family makes it worth the cost.

    I have a snowmobile I have only used one trip a year for the past 4 years, but that one trip is a blast...

    I have a motox bike I plan on racing all summer, but only end up racing a couple times..

    I have a new Tundra we only use to pull the boat, snowmobile, and motox

    At the end of the day we are happy and always have something exciting to do. What else is there to do with money?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brad460 View Post
    What else is there to do with money?!
    Rent the things that are rentable and that you only need occasionally.

    Save up.

    Retire early, or take generous time off to be with family while they are still young, together and able to enjoy an active lifestyle together.

    You're welcome.
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    It depends on what you think will happen in a few years when the kids are old enough to ask to go out on the boat. If there's a good chance you will sell the boat just to rebuy in a few years it might be better keeping what you have. The more kids grow up on the boat the easier it is. I have a 7,6,and 1 year olds- all boys. We don't think twice about including our youngest on an all day boating adventure but we may not have been that way when we were first time parents. We just toss up the Bimini top and if it's really hot I have a fan that plugs into the 12 volt receptacle, he takes his nap in his momma's arms while I ski and we're good to go.
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    Default Tough Decision

    My son is 5, his sisters are 11 & 13. He grew up on our OBV. We bought it for him b/c it had a bimini top. Today he surfed tandem with his sisters and then asked if we would teach him to waterski. He was up & going on his first try. He wants to try the kneeboard tomorrow. Hard to imagine life without the boat.

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