I noticed a bit of gelcoat missing by one of the platform mounts when I bought this boat and finally got around to pulling the mount for a closer inspection. Below is what I've found. Looks like, at one time the platform was hit and damaged the mounts. Two of the self taping screws were replace with bolt and self locking nut and the other holes were reamed, plastic plugs were inserted and the existing screws were re-threaded through the plugs.

I did check the platform when I purchased the boat and it was solid.

Now that I know what I'm up against it's time to start planning the repair. I'm going to temporarily patch it up until the summer is over. The existing "patch job" was solid enough so I'll get new plugs again and get the bracket on again so at least I can enjoy the rest of the summer.

Here's what I have planned and I'm looking for ideas to get this done properly.
1. Gelcoat and fiberglass is going to be removed where it needs (the material underneath the fiberglass seems sound). The existing holes are also going to get plugged.
2. I'm hoping to move the existing mount over maybe an inch or so, in order to get a fresh hold on to the hull. That will also entail moving the mount on the platform over the same distance.
3. I'm going to re Gelcoat the back of the boat. Probably from the black on down to the bottom of the boat.
4. I noticed the flap mounts were cracking so I'll replace them too.
5. Hopefully I can get a new decal that matches the existing one. I need to get new registration numbers for the boat anyhow.

Any thoughts/comments??

Mount removed

Looks like some fiberglass is loose too.

A bit of water ended up in the cavity behind the bottom 3 holes and has been there for a while. Maybe a couple of cups. Smelled awful. I cleaned the cavity out with bleach and rinsed it with water.