Anyone still using aerator pumps like me will like this fix. My rear bags fill fine, but I usually have issues with my IBS. I have found out why, and have come up with a simple and cheap fix. It is not the best solution, but it is easy, and it works. The problem is that the fill line for the IBS is long and does not completely drain when the boat is put on a lift or trailer. Water stays in parts of the line and causes an air pocket by the pump. When the boat is put back into the water, there is not enough head pressure to push the air past the water that is trapped in the line, and therefore will not allow water to enter the pump. By simply adding a capped vent to the fill line by the pump, you can vent out the air and allow water to enter the pump. The vent is made from a nylon 3/4" barbed tee, a nylon 3/4" barb to 3/4" male water hose, a 3/4" water hose cap, a short piece of 3/4" hose, and some clamps.

You can see in the second pick where I placed the vent, and how easy it is to reach with the engine hatch open. As I stated before, if the pump does not prime, simply unscrew the cap and then screw it back on. At most, you will only have to do it once each time the boat is put back in the water.

I also have a tip for priming every aerator drain pump. Over fill your bag so that water comes out both the bag vent and the drain pump thru hull. This will force all of the air out of the bag, pump, and lines. The pump is now primed and reay to go.