Hey, I'm a low intermediate rider that has been on a Ronix Vault for about 8 years. It is starting to delaminate and I just am looking to upgrade. I met Scott Byerly at a boat show a couple years ago and he was super nice, spoke to my son for about 10 minutes, just really encouraged him and since then, I've thought I'd like to buy a Byerly for my next board. Thinking of buying the Byerly Monarch. I'm 5'11 about 185-190. Going to get the 56 inch. Any thoughts? I want something consistent and that gives me room to grow on a bit but that won't be too hard to ride. I'm 40 now and will not be learning inverts! Any thoughts on Monarch or another board that would work well for casual riding and a few wake to wake jumps, maybe with a 180 thrown in?