so last night after work i ran across a GMC duramax. So this morning i go and look at it with a buddy and its what i have been looking for for the past few years, its a 2007 duramax 4 door leather heated seats, sunroof,short bed, 130k miles and in my price range. i take it for a test drive and im in love. we go back and start filling out the paperwork to tade in my truck( its paid off ) guy comes back like 5 mins later and said someone put a deposit down on the truck. ( apperently while we were test driving it) mad, so i tell them ok keep me informed just incase the finance falls through, now this was at noon, i go back home and get ready for work, i drive by the truck again since its on my way to work and there it sits in the lot where i first saw it, no sold tag or anything.. so im mad, i dont know if they were blowing smoke up my azz or they are telling the truth. i just hope it fall through and i can go back and pick it up. i plan on stopping back by tomorrow.