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    Apply baby powder to your hands and forearms over a plastic dish pan beforehand, use goggles, use a mask, have another set of hands to vacuum up the residue as you are cutting so that the fine glass and gelcoat dust doesn't spread/get tracked around the boat, and a cold rinse.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ian ashton View Post
    Looks great! Cutting that bow fiberglass must have been a pain! Are your arms itchy?!
    It was actually SUPER simple with that tool shown on my dremel. I don't know what it is, kinda like an end mill. It came with it. It was easier doing the fiberglass than it was the plastic, as the plastic cut so easy it wanted to walk or vibrate and then really walk. No itching whatsoever, just lots of fine powder everywhere. Shoulda been running the vacuum while I was doing it, but it wasn't that bad. Much much better than I thought it was going to be.
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