Slalom Freaks! I hope you don't mind me jumping into this forum. On the SC Supra site there is only wakeboarding / skating info and I tried to get a few of us on the Supra forum to talk slalom ski stuff but there just wasn't enough interest.

As all of us are constantly striving to improve, I was hoping to have input on various topics such as tuning settings, binding set up, and overall body position tips.

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I've been fortunate to have some great coaching here in NC, but there are just some things ( bad habits ) that are hard to break and wondered if others had some creative ideas on how they corrected them.

During each coaching session I keep hearing that I'm leaning too far back on the ski, especially during the initiation of a turn ( which I think just puts on the brake and creates too much slack in the rope ). The problem is where others seems to drop the hip and 'fall' into a turn position rotating the ski on its edge.
Since I was little I was used to carving a turn out with my back heel and that's how I turned but its quickly becoming a mental block on how to correct. Anyone else have this occur and how did you correct it. I've also tried moving my bindings forward as far as they can go.

Apex, NC